Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clutter and 'stuff'...

I often wish I was a tidier person.  I dream of a house where everything has its place and the bench, table tops and other surfaces are clear of clutter and 'stuff'.  Where you can walk into and through a room without tripping over something and sit down on the couch without first having to clear a space.   In this dream house, behind the cupboard doors everything is neat and tidy.  In reality my current cupboards are stuffed to the brim and produce an avalanche of 'stuff' every time the doors are opened. 

My craft cupboard, in particular is a disgrace.  Since the arrival of my gorgeous son, I've had the task of clearing out a whole room of 'stuff' and condensing it in to one cupboards worth.  Not an easy task let me tell you.  Now, don't get me wrong.  My stash, in the main part, is neatly sorted in to ziplock bags.  That these bags can be found in every drawer, shelf and available space around the house is irrelevant.  I have containers to keep my buttons stored in by colour and size.  I have various needle rolls, folders and cases to keep my needles and hooks in.  I have a big folder to house all my printed patterns.   And occasionally, I put it all in the right place.  Honestly, I do! 

I admit whilst I dream about a neat and tidy house, I am not inclined to put in the effort to make it happen.  I clean, I tidy and I scrub.  I pick up toys, I fold washing and I vacuum.  But I don't enjoy it and I don't think I ever will.  With two kids 3 and under and a house that's almost too small I think I'll be happily co-existing with all the excess 'stuff' for many years to come.  I figure there is more to life than constant cleaning and tidying.  Besides, a little bit of clutter is what makes a house a home, isn't it?  ,

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